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Here are the top ten articles for the Chinese Culture Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Spring Dragon Festival
Celebrating the rainfall.

2. Small Feet As The Symbol Of Beauty
As beauty comes first for women, for us, we are willing to do anything we can do for it. It was the same for women in ancient China. Women had to suffer all their lives in order to look beautiful and charming for men. We have high heels now and they had “foot binding” back then.

3. Owls in Chinese Culture
This article explains what Chinese think about the owls.

4. Counting in Chinese
Interested in counting in Chinese? Here's how to do it!

5. Chinese Wedding Dress
One of the most prominent features of a Chinese wedding is the wedding dress, or should we say dress(es) -- with a plural.

6. Punishment for Adultery
Adultery and infidelity had been regarded differently in different era in China. In more liberal era, adultery was simply overlooked. While in other era, it was punishable by death. One of the capital punishment methods for adultery was drowning in a pig’s cage.

7. Legend of Mulan
Disney made her famous with a feature movie. But who is this brave Chinese warrior woman?

8. Confucius’s Rules on Diet and Food
Confucius lived to the age of 72, from 551 B.C.E to 479 B.C.E, in the Spring and Autumn Era, when the average life expectancy of the population was around 30 years of age. We could attribute his longevity to his comprehensive set of principles and practices concerning diet and food.

9. The Monkey King
The Monkey King is one of the most widely known Chinese legends. While the story is truly about the journey one monk has, the comedy and trickery of the Monkey King is what captures the heart of this story.

10. History of Teacher's Day in China
The history of Teachers' Day in China.

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